I'm Jack Mitchell. I’m a Bristol based jewellery designer and I am featuring on season 2 of All That Glitters. 
I have been in the jewellery industry from the age of 17, when I started my first goldsmithing apprenticeship for 2.5 years. . At the age of 21 I went back to education to focus on design. Here I got a City & Guilds in jewellery and a BAhons in Metalwork and Jewellery at Sheffield Hallam University 
After graduating I followed my passion for travel and this led me on a 7 year adventure. In 2019 I decided to get back into my love of jewellery making and this has led me to where I am today. Please check out my story for a closer look.
I use traditional goldsmithing techniques that I gained during my years as an apprentice goldsmith, to hand create all my jewellery.