Jack Mitchell, Bristol based jeweller and I still cant believe I'm featured in All That Glitters Season 2!!!

I never dreamed of being on TV or entering a competition on this scale. I would say I'm not a competitive person. I like solo sports, like snowboarding and surfing. The type of sports that let me get lost in nature and be at one with my mind.
When it came to educations, tests and exams stressed me out and I really struggled. There are just not for me. So in general I would rather stick to things that keep me chilled. 
Ironically I was talking to one of my jewellery friends about season one of All That Glitters. She told me there was going to be a season 2 and thought I should apply. I smiled said I don't think I would as I'm not very competitive and not sure if I'm good enough. That was the end of that!!
Any ways, a couple days later I got a DM on my Instagram from one of the team suggesting that I should apply. This was the push I needed to do some thing I would normally have done!!! 
Meet the team and such an amazing bunch of people!!!! 
jack all that glitters